Salt Water Murris’ Quandamooka Art Gallery presents excellent and unique First Nations Art, Quandamooka Graphic Designs, Cultural workshops and performances, textiles and accessories, and a range of Indigenous constructs perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

Our Region

To live in Quandamooka country in south-east Queensland, is to live in proximity to extreme natural diversity and beauty. This is a rare and special place with the beautiful and rich Moreton Bay, the bay islands to the fresh-water lakes and creeks to the stretches of sand and surf. Ours is a contemporary community, global in outlook, with a sense of place that is simultaneously regional and local.

Saltwater Murris Quandamooka Art Gallery is a place where Nunagal, Ngugi and Goenbal artists practice and develop their art in order to sustain, support and promote their cultural heritage and improve the lifestyle of local community members.

The centre acts as a community based artists’ association through which artists can sell individual artworks or work on a daily basis. The members are drawn from local practising Quandamooka artists and they employ a co-ordinator to assist in enterprise development.

Our Values

All of Saltwater Murris Quandamooka activities will reflect our commitment to values of:

  • Interconnectedness
  • Sustainability and growth
  • Relevance and impact
  • Community
  • High aspirations in contemporary practice

These values underpin and sustain all aspects of Saltwater Murris Quandamooka. We aim to support artists, groups, organisations and projects that share and reflect these values in the following creative ways. These values have guided the development of an Aboriginal arts and culture action plan, with particularly strong synergies found with relation to Quandamooka arts and cultural development.

Our Goals

Saltwater Murris aims to:

  1. Promote the arts, language and culture of Quandamooka on a national and international scale.
  2. Create a gallery and shop to exhibit and sell community arts and crafts.
  3. Facilitate training and professional development in the Indigenous arts industry.
  4. Provide the facilities and activities that encourage the teaching, learning and sharing of community historical and cultural knowledge.
  5. Provide a workplace with meaningful activities that cultivate interest and pride in our traditional cultural heritage, our community history, family history and environment.
  6. Provide facilities and activities that encourage opportunities to learn new and different skills that embrace cultural maintenance.

Arts and cultural expression has always played a vital part in Quandamooka society and continues to be an import element of the social fabric of Quandamooka people and the wider community.

Creative endeavours have not only the ability to strengthen community resilience and well-being, but be the catalyst for greater community engagement throughout the region, enhancing principles such as reconciliation.

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