Elisa Jane Carmichael
Elisa Jane Carmichael Artwork

Elisa Jane Carmichael is a descendant of the Quandamooka people of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. The people of the sand and seas, Yoolooburrabee.

Elisa has exhibited as an artist nationally and internationally after working in London, New York and India. Her first solo collection was displayed in United Kingdom’s leading fashion designer, Paul Smith's store at Heathrow Airport, London. She has also exhibited in the London 02 arena, various spaces throughout East London and was chosen to perform for New York Feminist artist, Emily Roysdon's live performance; I am a helicopter camera queen at the Tate Modern Gallery.

Elisa is currently apart of Sir Paul Smith's personal exhibition collection 'Hello My Name is Paul Smith' which is on world tour for the next five years. The exhibition opened in November 2013 at The London Museum of Design. Her artwork is also published in the Rizzoli publication, ‘Hello My Name is Paul Smith.’ 

Elisa has sold her artwork to the State Library of Queensland for the branding of the Our Dreaming, animating country exhibition and also to Education Queensland for branding of the National Curriculum. 

Elisa continues to work and exhibit throughout her hometown, Brisbane. Her work has also been displayed in Paul Smith's store in Melbourne and the Tali Art Gallery in Sydney. She was chosen to participate in an Artist Camp coordinated by Judy Watson and the Gold Coast Arts Centre and has also completed an artist in residence program with the University of Queensland. Elisa has coordinated children's workshops with kindergartens, the Queensland Museum, the Redlands Art Gallery and is now working with the State Library of Queensland as the exhibitions support for kuril dhagun.