Corporate gifts and merchandise

Posted by  admin  Nov 9, 2015


Tea towels and table runners designed by Quandamooka artists. Each comes gift packed with a profile about the artists. $30 $50 each.



Quandamooka Dreaming book and DVD written by Quandamooka author and artist Sandra Delaney.  Book $30.  DVD $25.




Scarves and sarongs designed by Quandamooka artists and printed in the gallery workshop area. Scarves $25 each.  Sarongs $30 each.

10847644_981221191918873_7510421724967865867_o_1.jpg         10847644_981221188585540_9216234464128333262_o.jpg    Sarongs and scarves can be gift wrapped.


11045498_1008474569193535_2654889498199013571_o_1.jpg       11011612_963009213740071_8860003682897909480_n_1.jpg       

Shirts $25-$30 each.  Designed by Quandamooka artists and printed at the gallery workshop area.