Salt Water Murris is a not-for-profit organisation predominately comprised of descendants of the original Nunukal, Nughie and Goenpul tribes of the region.


In our language we welcome you to our country, Minjerribah and our Art Gallery.  Visit our gallery and see a variety of art and craft all for sale.  The indigenous people of Minjerribah within the Quandamooka region have an uninterrupted history of living on the island that dates back thousands of years.  

"Our art is important to us because it allows us to give our true spirit into something we create out of something Mother Earth (Bujong Djara) has given us and continue our role as storytellers.

Our people tell stories and pass on important cultural knowledge through our art. Our people create with the natural elements of shells and sand from the foreshores; they collect water , wood, plant fibres or native plants from the bush, creeks, lakes and swamps.

Through these acts of creations, our culture continues to live today.

Through our art, all the ancestors that lived on Quandamooka from the beginning of time, through our bloodlines, still exist, as long as we have the art."

We would like to acknowledge the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support Program, Quandamooka Lands Council, Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders in Council, Redland City Council, Arts QLD Regional Arts Development Fund, Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly